Callers don't have to waste their time or their dime
Callers don’t have to waste their time or their dime

Happier Customers,

Happier Agents,

Increased Productivity

BestTime helps you get the balance right:

  • Your customers do not have to waste their time or their dime calling you only to find you are too busy to attend to them
  • They are happier because their time is not wasted waiting in a queue
  • Traffic flow in your center is better managed
  • Your agents are happier because call flow is more consistent
  • Your costs are better managed as staff can be consistently deployed because traffic peaks and troughs are smoothed out

Potential callers save their time (or their dime)

  • Call waiting time is indicated on your website even before they call you
  • They can then choose whether to call or to proceed to the other communications options displayed on your website

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BestTime encourages customers to use your self-help options

  • Saves agents’ time
  • Improves call center efficiencies
  • Customers are more empowered
  • Places “one click” on-line services button right near your phone number

Customers are actively encouraged to use your other lower cost communications methods such as “chat” or web FAQs etc. as these options are conveniently presented to them and just a single click away.

Customers notified when waiting time is lower on computer

Customers notified when waiting time is lower and then they call you when it suits their other activities

  • If a caller still wishes to speak to an agent they can click to request to be notified by web alert or SMS when the call wait time is lower and therefore more acceptable to them
  • After they receive a reminder your customers can call you back at a time suitable to them, not just a time convenient to an automated call back machine
  • Customers are more empowered

Minimizing traffic peaks

Minimizing traffic peaks

When BestTime is installed (blue), traffic peaks are minimized compared with Automated Callback (pink). Your potential caller requests a call back reminder when the waiting time exceeds your threshold. In addition time is not wasted on calls regarding a known event as this information is clearly displayed on your website and this assists call center meeting their agreed KPI’s – (see Dynamic Message Notification section below)

No need to call about a known topic
DMN used for notifications

Dynamic Message Notification (DMN)

Customers don’t need to call about a topic already known to your call center as it is displayed on your webpage
  • Saves your time
  • Saves caller’s time
  • Incoming callers receive better service
  • Helps manage traffic loads in unplanned or demanding situations
  • Allows call centers to better meet agreed performance

With Dynamic Message Notification (DMN) potential callers can see the details of a known situation (e.g. electricity blackout) displayed on your web page before they pick up the phone to report it. Supervisors simply type the message on their PC in the BestTime web interface and it appears immediately in the widget provided. There is no limitation in the number of webpages that BestTime widgets may be used.

DMN used for marketing when available, for example sales
DMN used for marketing when available

Dynamic Message Notification (DMN) can be used for marketing to increase sales

The DMN can be used to promote specific products or services being handled by the agents so when the call is connected the callers are encouraged to ask the agent for further information on the additional products being promoted. Supervisors can modify this information in real time (e.g. a popular item out of stock)

Low cost integration, low complexity

Low cost integration, low complexity

  • Very light IT integration required with your switch (be it CPE or cloud-based)
  • No integration required with back office systems
  • No changes required to your current call center configurations or routing settings
  • One-off fee or monthly fee

The light IT integration results in BestTime being far more cost-effective than other complex call-back alternatives.

People Behind BestTime

AdvaTel's management team has extensive telecommunications industry experience.

Michael Terry
Follow Michael Terry on

Michael Terry

Managing Director

Michael Terry is a cofounder of AdvaTel and a veteran of the telecommunications industry with close to 40 years of experience. He entered the PABX industry in 1968 with the company Standard Telephone & Cables (STC).

Phillip Wong
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Phillip Wong

Director of Business Development

Phillip Wong is a cofounder of AdvaTel with 26 years experience in the technology industry. He started his career in the field of electronics developing products to meet the demands of a range of industries.

Dmitry Nikitin
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Dmitry Nikitin

Solutions Architect

Dmitry has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Rostov State University, Russian Federation. With over 10 years of experience in Software Development, he started his career designing and developing software systems in the Health and Railway Infrastructure industries.


What sections of a complete installation are carried out by BestTime and what does the client have to undertake?

BestTime, a division of AdvaTel, provide all software and “widget” that you will need for your web site. We provide the BestTime cloud waiting rooms and notifications to you potential callers.

You, the BestTime client make the changes to your web site to accommodate the various widget(s) you wish to install. There are no additional charges relating to the number of pages and locations you can display the widget(s) on your web site(s).

The BestTime “real time” software that collects the current call waiting information from you call center voice switch is also a part of the BestTime software. This has to be installed by you or your PBX supplier. BestTime can provide remote screen sharing assistance of this task, if required.

BestTime show “no BestTime Data” on my web site?

This messages indicates that the real time data from your call center switch is not being received at the BestTime cloud based servers. This may be either a result of the data not being available from you switch or that your connection to the BestTime cloud servers are not operating.

What if call waiting times do not reduce to the “reminder” threshold I have set?

Clients in the waiting room will receive regulars reminders via their nominated preferred method. Supervisors will also receive either email or SMS reminders regarding the number and size of the waiting duration of potential callers in the waiting room.

What if I have forgotten my password?

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Can I pay by other means than a credit card?

Yes – payments can be arranged by monthly scheduled bank transfers or the BestTime service can be purchased outright.

What call center switches are “compatible” with BestTime?

  • Aspect
  • Avaya AACC
  • Cisco UCCX
  • Enghouse (Zeacom)
  • InContact
  • Interactive Intelligence

Coming Soon:

  • Cisco UCCE

Request support for your switch

About Us

Since its establishment in the 1990s, AdvaTel, the developers of BestTime, have become a leader in many specialist disciplines within telecommunications. They are led by a highly skilled management team with experience and resources resulting from many years in telecommunications, call centers and advanced computing.

AdvaTel is a privately owned Australian company with a comprehensive cross-section of Australian and international telecommunications industries as its business partners. AdvaTel’s 20-plus years in the call center management software industry has it ideally placed to not only understand the needs and issues of managing a modern call center, but also the technical skills to implement the BestTime solution. AdvaTel’s “traditional” products are distributed in 18 countries, however the new BestTime range will in many cases call for partners from other sections of the call center industry.

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