• Caller can see the waiting time of each queue
  • They can see all of their alternative communications options
  • They can see current relevant information so may not need to call at all
  • They can nominate to receive a reminder when the wait time is short
  • They are informed when it is the BestTime for them to call
  • Just also happens to be the BestTime for the Contact Center to receive a call
  • Smoother traffic makes for a more efficient and happier Contact Center
  • They are actively encouraged to use your on-line options


  • Your customers can down load the BestTime mobile app free of charge
  • It can be a stand-alone mobile app or a “contact us” section within a larger corporate app
  • It can provide a “one click” access to our SaaS Voice Authentication service
  • The short wait time reminder can be sent via SMS of mobile push technology
  • They can also select to get a reminder call (text to voice) and then call back as it suits other demands on their time


When BestTime is installed (blue), traffic peaks are minimized compared with Automated Callback (pink). Your potential caller requests a call back reminder when the waiting time exceeds your threshold. In addition time is not wasted on calls regarding a known event as this information is clearly displayed on your website and this assists call center meeting their agreed KPI’s – (see Dynamic Message Notification section below)


Customers are actively encouraged to use your other lower cost communications methods such as “chat” or web FAQs etc. as these options are conveniently presented to them near your 1800 number and current wait time just a single click away.

  • On-line chat
  • On-line assistance
  • Virtual assistant


With Dynamic Message Notification (DMN) potential callers can see the details of a known situation (e.g. electricity blackout) displayed on your web page before they pick up the phone to report it. Supervisors simply type the message on their PC in the BestTime web interface and it appears immediately in the widget provided. There is no limitation in the number of webpages that BestTime widgets may be used. DMN can be used for marketing to increase sales

Note the DMN used for “specials” which encourages caller initiated cross-selling

Note the Dynamic Message Notification (DMN). Key reasons for a call avoided

DMN is used on the website as well as on the mobile app